7 Best Wine Regions In France

13 Dec

Wine Regions FranceThe stereotypical Frenchman may no longer start the day with a shot of red wine to tuer le ver (kill the worm) followed by an espresso, but France is one of the top ten alcohol-consuming countries in the world. Wine, predictably, is the favourite tipple and there are dozens of wine-producing regions throughout France.

Wines in France are generally named after the location of the vineyard rather than the grape varietal, and there are strict regulations governing where, how and under what conditions grapes are grown.

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Tomorrow, December 14 is the Date!

Avoid the airfare to France and enjoy a French Wine Region Tasting experience right here in Palm Beach!  Join The French Wine Merchant and Pasternak Wine Imports at the Paramount Courtyard, 139 N. County Road from 6-8 p.m. tomorrow!  Please RSVP to (561) 833-7712  or email thefrenchwinemerchant@gmail.com and join us for an exceptional night of wines ($15 tasting, refunded with $40 wine purchase).


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