15 Oct

The Tasting Begins

The October 12, Wine Tasting Event!
A warm thank you to all our loyal friends and customers!

The  Fall wine tasting event proved to be a perfect convergence of mild weather, good friends and exceptional wines!

“It was a success, yes.  People were very happy, having a good time.” said The French Wine Merchant owner, Maurice Amiel.

Gentle Palm Beach breezes waltzed around the elegant Paramount courtyard as discriminating tasters sampled The French Wine Merchant’s offerings.

Several delicious varieties were featured, along with select cheeses and fruits.

Many attendees took advantage of the special 15% discount offer to stock up on their favorite wines.

To obtain more information on our wines or sales specials, please visit our store in the Paramount building at 139 N. County Road, or call (561) 833-7712.

The Holidays are fast approaching!  For in-depth, professional advice on wine selections or pairings for gatherings and events, please call 833-7712 or email Maurice at

And again, THANK YOU!

The French Wine Merchant

Be sure to add  The French Wine to your browser “favorites”!


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